Laura Ivory Cotton Blouse

Hand-sewn embroidery/ Needle work with silk/ Hand-finished, Fabric – cotton; Handmade embroidery – silk&cotton

Handmade blouse – traditionally called- ia– is hand-sewn on sheer ivory cotton hand-stitched with silk, in delicate geometric patterns. The main motif of this blouse is the ” diamond cross”, an ancient Romanian symbol for abundance in all the aspects of life. The cut of the blouse is traditional: smocked neckline with deep red ties and tassels on drawstring sleeves and also traditional, in the way is shaped with diamonds seams under the armpits. At your choice, the embroidery can be covered discretely with small sequins, just to emphasize discretely the delicate silk patterns. Beautiful geometric style pattern embroidered down chest and on sleeves.
If not on stock or you prefer a different color combination, we can deliver in 30 days. Easy to maintain: hand-wash gently and iron (cotton temperature)


medium/large, small/medium


Anda Ene