About us

Anda Ene, curator

And this is how it began

I began by collecting and restoring old national costumes. In this journey, i discovered the beauty and magical dimension of IA, the traditional Romanian blouse
in 2015 i started to work with a group of artisans with the wish to recreate some of the old vintage blouses.
A collection of 10 handmade blouses was launched and since then, we created more than 25 distinctive models.
The average time to complete a blouse is 3 weeks.
Only a very few women artisans can complete a handmade embroidery blouse. They are found in tiny ateliers in the countryside or work individually, at home.

Collection made by popular artists

Knowing all these, you understand that we don’t have volumes, sometimes we don’t have immediate availability, because everything we do is handmade.
We present a very precious collection crafted by popular artists from different ethnographic regions of Romania.
We join those who contribute to the revival and promotion of Romanian blouse, here and abroad. We want to see the IA beyond museums and dowry chest. We want to keep it alive, to see it on the streets and to give her an everyday life.