IA ROA – Handmade Romanian Blouse, Cotton & Silk Embroidery with Symbolic Wheel Design

Step into a world of tradition with IA ROA, a Handmade Romanian Blouse adorned with cotton and silk embroidery. Symbolic wheel motifs and a cascade of hand-stitched stars make this piece a celebration of life’s cyclical nature, enhancing your aura with beauty and positivity.

Discover IA ROA, a Handmade Romanian Blouse that artfully combines the delicate touch of hand-sewn embroidery with the timeless beauty of needlework using silk. This traditional handmade blouse is a canvas of cotton and silk embroidery, featuring geometric patterns meticulously sewn by hand onto the very fine cotton fabric. At the heart of its design lies the “wheel” motif, a symbol rich in meaning, representing the wheel of life and fortune, a reminder that what we put out into the world comes back to us.

The ROA blouse is shaped in a classic Romanian style: a smocked neckline adorned with black ties and tassels, and drawstring sleeves that provide a comfortable fit. Diamond seams under the armpits and tiny stars embroidered across the back complete the design, making the blouse a symphony of symbols and colors that not only enhance beauty but also promote good energy.

Should IA ROA not be readily available in stock, it can be custom-crafted upon order within 21 days, allowing you to choose your preferred color combinations to suit your personal style. This blouse is as practical as it is beautiful, easy to maintain with a gentle hand wash and ironing at silk temperature.

The ROA Romanian Blouse, with its cotton and silk embroidery, is a garment that brings a touch of heritage to the modern wardrobe while celebrating the cyclical nature of life and luck.

Length from neckline to hem-
S: 58 cm
M: 62 cm
L: 66 cm
S: 120 cm
M: 124 cm
L: 134 cm
S: 60 cm
M: 65 cm
L: 66 cm


medium/large, small/medium


Anda Ene