A very rare garment of the highest craftsmanship and a lifetime product.

Colors: Black & White /  with black trimming

100%  handmade natural silk 

The story of this exquisite blouse, begins almost a year ago, the time span of metamorphosis process from the silk worm to the handmade silk blouse. First come the silkworm rearing, until reach the chrysalis stage, then the silk cocoon is unwound and the shiny silk thread is spinning and weaving in the wooden loom. Another stage of  extremely laborious work starts, as  100cm of fabric is achieved by Romanian craftsman in about 16-20 hours of weaving.

If not on stock, it will take up to 4 weeks to craft  it. Upon request, we custom this model, according with your desired measurements and color.

Ideas to wear ia SONIA

SONIA is a blouse that will empower any woman, regardless of personality, age, body or personal style. It is simply a spectacular and a central piece of any apparel. Depending of occasion and your mood you can opt for a more elegant look and you will wear it with a pencil trousers or skirt, or for an all silk appearance with wide and long pantaloon or a floor length skirt. For a more chic casual look, anything simple and of superior quality, will match this very fine blouse.

Wash with love, by hand, at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and iron.


medium/large, small/medium